Joining Google Classroom & Meet on a Computer / Ingresa a Google Classroom Y Google Meet en la Computadora

Joining Google Classroom AND Google Meet on a Computer/ Ingresa a Google Classroom Y Google Meet en la Computadora

1. Open CHROME browser on your computer.

1. Abre CHROME browser en tu computadora.

2. Go to the Cunningham Park website at

2. Ve a la pagina Web de Cunningham Park

Computer 1

3. Scroll down and click on the yellow box, Student Learning Websites.

3. Baja y presiona on la casilla amarilla, Student Learning Websites.

computer 2

4. Click on the G Suite button.

4. Presiona en el boton G Suite.

computer 3

5. Click in the box and type in your NUMBER and click NEXT.

5. Presiona en la casilla y escribe tu NU YM PERREOSIONA NEXT.

computer 4

6. Click in the box, type in your PASSWORD and click NEXT.

6. Presiona en la casilla, escribe tu (contrasena) PASSWORD y NEXT.

computer 5

7. Once you are in your Google Drive, click on the waffle at the top right.

7. Una vez que estes e Gn ootugle Drive, presiona en los cuadritos en la parte de arriba.

computer 6

9. Click on Classroom.

9. Presiona en Classroom.

computer 7

10. Click on the JOIN button for Cardinal Hangout. (This is where we will be holding our school-wide morning meetings)

10. Presiona en el boton de JOIN para Cardinal Hangout. (Este es el lugar de nuestras clases en la manana)

computer 8

11. Once in a class, to get to other classes, click the three lines at the top left and choose CLASSES.

11. Una vez que estes en clases, y para ir a otra clase, presiona las tres lineas en la parte de arriba en la izquierda escoge CLASES.

computer 9

12. To join Google Meet our NEW synchronous learning platform, once your teacher has turned access on, it will show up in the STREAM of your Google Classroom. (First picture below shows one that teacher has turned on. Second picture above shows one where the Google Meet is NOT turned on...try again later!)

12. Para ingresar a Google Meet nuestra NUEVA plataforma Sincronizada de aprendizaje y una vez que tu maestra haya ingresado te mostrara en el STREAM de tu Google Classroom. (La primera foto de abajo muestra cuando la maestra ha ingresado. La segunda foto muestra que NO ha ingresado todavia y tienes que volver a intentar ingresar mas tarde!)

computer 10

computer 11

13. Once you click on the link, click JOIN NOW.

13. Una vez que presiones en el (vinculo) presiona JOIN NOW.

computer 12

14. Please MUTE your microphone. Your controls are at the bottom. If they are not there, your MIGHT have to click to get the menu bar to come up. Make you click the HANG UP button at the end of the session.

14. Por favor APAGA tu microfono. Tus controles estan abajo. Si no los ves, TIENES que presionar en la barr.a de menu. Para terminar la sesion PRESIONA en la figura de COLGAR .

computer 13