November 12, 2018

The first graders at Cunningham Park Elementary completed a project-based learning activity that included a field trip to the Vienna Town Hall to meet our mayor, Ms. Laurie DiRocco.  Our first graders were pondering “How can you, as a caring citizen of Virginia, create a campaign poster for the storybook character you think would make the best mayor?” To be prepared for their project-based learning activities, they learned about the mayor’s job and who helps the mayor (councilmen, policemen, firefighters, and animal control). Back at school, they created campaign posters for their chosen storybook character. Other classes visited first grade to look at the campaign posters and to vote for a storybook character. The votes were then tallied to find that in all 3 classrooms, Paul Bunyan was voted to be our fictional Vienna Mayor. We hope Mayor DiRocco doesn’t mind sharing her position!