Battle of the Books Goes Virtual

May 12, 2020

After months of meeting for lively book clubs and practice “Battles,” the Cunningham Park 7th annual (and 1st virtual) Battle of the Books took place on Friday, May 8 on Google Meet!

The four battle teams gathered early and waited in excited anticipation with the coordinator, Ms. Brinkhuis, the librarian, for audience members to join the meet!  After students and invited guests had signed on, the Battle began, with our MC, teacher, Veronica Pereira, bedecked in her special occasion book costume (made entirely from the pages of books) leading the way.

The Book Sweeps faced off against Nothing But Battle in three fast-paced rounds of jeopardy-like bookish questions.  There was the alternating round, the timed speed round and finally the lightning or buzzer round!  Both teams had a strong showing as recorded by our score keeper, Mr. Kemmerer, our Assistant Principal.  Book Sweeps eeked out a 1 point lead to win the Battle.

Next up were The Calculators against the Renegade Readers.  These two 6th grade teams were veterans and it showed.  The Battle was intense with determined competitors. The Renegade Reader’s were faster to the buzzer despite the Calculators book know-how.

The teams adjourned to the Library Google Meet where they all enjoyed our traditional ice cream sundae event from their own kitchens, with the ice cream courtesy of each of their families.  Smiles all around while looking forward to next year’s Battle of the Books.