Picture of painting"The elementary art program of Fairfax County Public Schools is exploratory and conceptual in nature.  Children explore a variety of thinking processes, art forms, materials, techniques and sources of inspiration to solve art making challenges and make meaning of their world."   Elementary Art Program of Studies FCPS

Here at Cunningham Park Elementary School students are introduced to developmentally appropriate creative thinking processes and concepts, many of which follow the grade level science and/or social studies curriculums.  Each grade level builds on the skills and problem-solving strategies learned from the grade before.  Beginning in Head Start or Kindergarten, students are taught a wide variety of art skills and safety practices through the introduction of many kinds of materials.  They learn about various media processes, such as painting, sculpture, print making, drawing, and fiber arts and crafts.  Connections are made with other disciplines to promote an understanding of the visual arts as an integral part of the whole learning experience.  As students participate in meaningful art experiences, they become aware of the role visual art plays in their life and society.  Our program goal is to create a life-long love of art, experience the artistic process, and enrich its value to society through a whole learning experience for each child.

Grades K through 6 meet every week for one hour in the Art room.  From the second grades, one student's work will be chosen for the CPES Directory Cover.  Throughout the year, student work is displayed at the Vienna Pediatrics Office and our own office and conference room here at CPES!  Your child will receive a letter notifying you of this honor.   All materials used are non-toxic and water soluble for the safety of your child.  You may send an art shirt for your child - unfortunately it cannot be stored at school.

Reinforce your child's learning by asking him/her what they did in art class today!  Show off their work on the refrigerator and let them know you are proud of what they produced!

Art Specialist