CPES 6th Grade What's Next Fair

March 03, 2020

Students in the 6th grade at Cunningham Park Elementary have been working on content-based research and have been digging into possible career choices for the future.  Students began the project by listing all of the positive character traits they could think of about themselves and then translated those traits into possible career choices.  The results were incredible!  Students then researched about the career choice, the possible training/schooling needed, and the Portrait of a Graduate skills that would be necessary to work in this specific profession.  Students created presentations, which were first shared within homerooms, and then shared with parents, teachers, and other Cardinals at the “What’s Next?” Fair in the cafeteria.  Guests were treated to demonstrations, digital presentations, and tri-fold presentation boards.  Students practiced the Portrait of a Graduate skills of being Communicators and a great time was had by all!